The Cannabis Gardener

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“We all need healing and comfort in these challenging times. Penny’s densely packed book, The Cannabis Gardener, is a gift rooted in nature.” —Louesa Roebuck, author of Foraged Flora

“A phenomenal resource for anyone looking to grow cannabis. Perfectly tailored to guide all growers—from the first-time grower to the experienced gardener. Highly recommended!” —Dan Grace, president and co-founder of Dark Heart Nursery

“Both a beautiful and accessible introduction to the next era of edible gardening, The Cannabis Gardener offers an in-depth guide (with stunning photography) to growing a medicinal garden in your own backyard.” —Stefani Bittner, Owner, Homestead Design Collective

The Cannabis Gardener is a bounty of knowledge on how to grow, harvest, and cure the cannabis plant. An essential addition to any weed enthusiast’s collection, Barthel walks readers through the entire process from seed to consumption. Her passion for cultivation and tips on how to successfully grow cannabis ensure home gardeners a rewarding harvest plus key infusions for edible makers.” —Vanessa Lavorato, owner of Marigold Sweets