Planting your cannabis seedlings

Planting cannabis in a felt grow bag

An easy, flexible and portable way to grow your cannabis seedlings is to plant in a felt grow bag. These are fabric bags that offer excellent growing conditions for your cannabis. They are usually made from polyester and come in a variety of sizes, with and without handles. The smallest size grow bag to grow a full size plant is 10 gallons (except for autoflowering cannabis – 7 gallons is a great size for these plants). A 10 gallon grow bag is the same volume as a 1.5 cubic foot bag of soil. I recommend a high quality planting mix that is optimized for cannabis or vegetable gardening. Recipe 420 is a great brand to choose. Then, get planting — It couldn’t be easier! Just fill up a grow bag with the planting mix, add your seedling, water in and place in a full-sun location. Keep it watered appropriately, and you’re done! Cannabis plants grow quickly and are beautiful, lush green plants as they mature.

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